Counselling in East Sussex and Kent

At Art of Wellbeing, Kim Bromley offers counselling in both Eastbourne, East Sussex and Ashford, Kent. Kim integrates many counselling and talking therapy theories into her ‘Integrative Counselling’ approach. Kim will ensure that you are treated uniquely within a confidential, relaxed, safe, and supportive environment. Your counselling sessions will be at a pace that is completely right for you.

Art of Wellbeing supports you with looking at internal and external factors that may be negatively affecting you. Real and lasting change can take place within the therapeutic counselling setting. And with self-understanding, you can achieve personal growth, increased inner confidence. You’ll know how to help yourself rebalance, renew and restore, creating a healthy, positive future.

Counselling is an overarching term for talking therapies. It isn’t about giving you advice or judging you. It’s finding more effective ways of living. Your sessions in Eastbourne or Ashford will help you to see things more clearly, maybe from a different point of view.

The most important aspect of counselling is ensuring you, feel that Kim is right for you. You need to feel safe and that you’re in a supportive environment so you can share and understand yourself better. The relationship between you and your counsellor is important for the effectiveness of the therapy.

Kim works with a range of strategies in talking therapies – you and her together will decide which coping strategies are suitable for you and your situation. It’s easier talking to a professional rather than a friend or family member, because your counsellor will offer you completely impartial empathy and compassion.

Counselling isn’t just for your personal life; it can help with your career too. Whether that’s confidence, workplace stress or getting a better work-life balance. At Art of Wellbeing you gain step by step support to create specific tools required to live a fulfilling, positive and healthy life in the mind and body.

Please do get in touch and book an initial chat with Kim. Sessions take place in Eastbourne in East Sussex and Ashford in Kent. Learn more about Kim’s experience and way of working and the other therapies offered.

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What can Counselling help with?

Kim supports adults, teenagers and children of all ages and backgrounds who are experiencing various difficulties. See a list of Kim’s experience and specialisms below:

anxiety, generalised anxiety disorder, relationship issues, depression, panic disorder, family issues, phobias, feeling sad, affairs and betrayals, separation and divorce, bipolar disorder, addiction(s), seasonal affective disorder (sad), postnatal depression, abuse, bereavement, personality disorders, alcoholism, low self-esteem, child related issues, low self-confidence, emotional abuse, anger management, eating disorders drug abuse, sexual abuse, depression and anxiety in children, sex addiction, stress, borderline personality disorder, sex problems, binge-eating disorder, gambling, behaviour problems, post-traumatic stress disorder (ptsd), internet addiction, loneliness, trauma, anorexia nervosa, separation anxiety, childhood bullying, smoking, suicidal thoughts, childhood bereavement, attachment disorder in children, panic disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder (ocd), hoarding, children’s learning difficulties, work-related stress, physical abuse, self-harm, obsessive-compulsive personality disorder, sexuality, attachment disorder, career, autism, cancer, abortion, chronic fatigue syndrome/me, disabilities, passive aggressive behaviour, bullying, infertility, pregnancy and birth, domestic violence, adoption, learning difficulties, miscarriage, carer support, young carers, spirituality, psychosis, discrimination, mental health, redundancy.

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