Regular Classes

10.30am-11.30am Thursdays at The Shakra Centre, Charing. Relax, restore, rebalance – all welcome.

2017 – Term 1

Thursday 12th January – Thursday 9th February
10.30-11.30am Yoga at The Shakra Centre, Charing.

2017 – Term 2

Thursday 23rd February – Thursday 30th March
10.30-11.30am Yoga at The Shakra Centre, Charing.

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Restorative yoga classes to relax, renew, recharge, rejuvenate and rebalance.

Yoga classes suitable for all – including complete beginners, those recovering from injury or illness, those feeling stressed and anxious from modern life, or recovering from an emotional or physical loss or trauma.

These yoga classes are designed to help relieve the stress and anxiety in the mind and body. Use of the breath is designed to relieve tension, anxiety and negative thoughts by supporting the parasympathetic nervous system to come back into balance. The yoga asanas (postures) are created to open up the body’s muscles, fascia (connective tissue) and release any physical blocks. Props are used to support the body in the yoga asana to release any tightness in the body and mind without tension.

Restorative Hatha yoga aims to purify and detoxify the body of toxins, physical and emotional blockages to encourage skeletal alignment and muscular flexibility . This yoga balances and harmonies the flow of energies with our system.

Hands on assists and personal guidance supports the individual to unfold through the physical asana (postures) and movement as well as through yogic breathwork and guided relaxation. The yoga classes supports you to feel relaxed yet energised.


Yoga benefits:
Relief of back pain
High blood pressure
Aches and pains
Emotional anxiety & depression

Group classes and one to one support available, contact Kim for more information