Weight Loss & Hypnotic Gastric Band

weight loss and hypnotic gastric bandWeight loss and hypno-gastric band is a revolutionary new concept engulfing the weight loss world. It is a brand new, step by step process that will bring you the weight loss you so desire at a huge discount to gastric band surgery.

This ‘mind band’ has given similar results to some clients as a real gastric band. The only thing you have to lose is weight! With the HypnoGastricBand© you can have the same results but without the risk & astronomical cost of invasive surgery.

A new exciting procedure
No physical operation or anesthetic
Deeply relaxing
Looks at the causes of overeating
Aims to ‘install’ positive new patterns

Effective weight change is most effective with calorie reduction and increased exercise.

Always consult your GP before any treatment.

The gastric band procedure will be preceded by a group of weekly sessions that centre on the causes to the overeating habits. The therapist Kim Bromley reserves the right not to proceed with the Gastric Band section if deemed inappropriate’.