Chronic Fatigue (C.F.S)/Myalgic Encephalopathy (M.E.)/Fibromyalgia

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), (Myalgic Encephalopathy) M.E. and Fibromyalgia (which has severe symptoms of physical pain), are complex and multi-faceted conditions and need a thorough and holistic approach.

Art of Wellbeing will ensure to support your journey to health every step of the way. Let us help you identify and break the ‘anxiety loop’ of thoughts and symptoms now…

Have you gone from therapist to therapist looking for relief from your symptoms, but nothing seems to work? Here at Art of Wellbeing for ME, we work on the main areas of body, mind, spirit and your external world. With The Chrysalis Effect, this unique supported recovery programme for CFS, is comprehensive. It supports positive changes in physical, mental and emotional health.

Kim Bromley, director of Art of Wellbeing, oversees your journey and ensures that the correct treatment is given at the correct time on your individual and specific journey to wellbeing. If required, Kim can incorporate treatments from leading specialists from her team that are trained and experienced in M.E., CFS and Fibromyalgia.

The Chrysalis Effect has been written by recovers, and this proven programme allows us to assess the distinct areas that are needed in order not only for you to regain health, but also maintain it.

Firstly we will discuss and analyse your personal health profile where Kim will tailor make a package of care to support you comprehensively. We will identify the ‘Six Phases’ of recovery that acts as a map so you know exactly where you are and what may have caused your health issues. So no more going around in circles as Kim will create and support a unique and specialised health plan to ensure that you receive the correct protocols at the right time.

In addition to Kim’s one to one support, there is a 24/7 on-line Chrysalis Effect Programme for you to access whenever you wish. Start your journey to regain your health, energy and vitality, contact Kim.

Treatments are usually an hour long and can be within a clinic on a one to one basis, by ‘Skype’, or by telephone.

The ‘anxiety loop’ of thoughts is your system running thinking patterns that you may not be consciously aware of, negative thoughts go round and round in your mind like a washing machine. This in turn can trigger the stress response, which then puts your body in fight or flight mode permanently. It can physically affect the body in some of the following ways:-

  • It shuts down the digestive system, (which can cause IBS, bloating, pain)
  • Switches off the immune system – causing it to become dysfunctional
  • It can become overactive – which leads to allergies & intolerance, foods, environmental sensitivities
  • It can also become underactive – therefore you can become prone to getting colds, viruses and infections
  • Affects your ability to store energy
  • The body is being prepared for action, your heart rate increases, blood sugar increases, there is an increase of blood to your muscles which then creates a tightening of muscle groups, this then leads to muscle pain
  • The effect on the HPA Axis can disrupts the endocrine system, affecting thyroid, adrenals and hormone levels, which leads to the many symptoms of low thyroid and adrenal fatigue, which have their own symptoms, part of that affecting the mood and can lead to depression.

Hypnotherapy aims to install positive emotions into your subconscious mind, and uninstall those negative beliefs. Hypnotherapy aims to help you to break free from what’s keeping you locked into your anxious state, with a feeling of being ‘stuck’ or feeling controlled by something you felt was out of your control. Individuals can become limited by the repeated thoughts or ‘records’ being played in their minds, often we are unaware of this.

Most people only rely on the conscious part of the brain to help them succeed this is only 10% of the overall capacity of our minds. To work with our subconscious mind we can begin to release 100% of our total mental power, by getting our minds to work together in harmony!