“Every thought and feeling sends messages to the body.  If those thoughts are negative they can affect our health and wellbeing.”
(David Hamilton PhD).

 At Art of Wellbeing we aim to support you make positive changes to your habitual thought patterns. This in turn will enable you to release stress and anxiety from your body as well as release negative habits and coping mechanisms.

Stress & Anxiety can lead to negative coping mechanisms or habits
Sometimes when problems become too stressful to deal with, an individual learns habits or coping mechanisms to bury their ‘anxiety’ or stressful feelings.

Negative habits that can be created are wide reaching; including over-eating, smoking, drinking too much alcohol… Often insomnia and sleeping problems and difficulties can occur.

The Mind-Body Link
Stress and anxiety in conjunction with these habits can have an impact on the physical body as well as the mind.  The immune system can be compromised, with the individual suffering frequent infections, stomach problems, a ‘muzzy’ head, food intolerances…

The development of Chronic Fatigue, M.E. or Fibromalgia
If the stress becomes chronic it can result in the individual having physical symptoms that are consistent with Chronic Fatigue, M.E. or Fibromalgia. These conditions have very real physical ailments.  By addressing the underlying causes and the repeated anxious cycle of thoughts, the recoverer can begin to make drastic changes with their health, both physically and emotionally.

Unique support for CFS, M.E. Fibromyalgia Recoverers
The Art of Wellbeing offers a unique, personal support for Chronic Fatigue recoverers through the groundbreaking programme – ‘The Chrysalis Effect’.

Holistic Package of Support to relieve habits – Over eating/Alcohol/Smoking
The Art of Wellbeing works in a unique way in Kent to create a holistic package of care that supports overall health.  Together we will look at the underlying cause to your habit(s), whether that is over-eating, drinking too much alcohol or smoking.

Weight Management/Weight Loss – Hypnotic Gastric Band
Why not try the hypnotic gastric band?  According to Jacob Teitelbaum, M.D, on average people who chronically suffer from stress have an average weight gain of over 30lbs!.

What Art of Wellbeing has to offer you
The Art of Wellbeing, directed by Kim Bromley, offers an integrative approach, that draws from a selection of therapy models to suit the individual client and their specific needs. Hypnotherapy, Reiki, Creative therapy, Wellbeing Coaching in addition to Psychodynamic and Person Centered Counselling are all areas that can support you on your journey to change and wellbeing. This means we can offer you the type of therapy or combination of therapies that are most appropriate to your needs.

The Team at Art of Wellbeing
Kim Bromley guides a team of leading specialists,that can support your journey to health and wellbeing on many levels; emotional, mental, physical and spiritual.

The ‘team’ are prominent specialists within:-

  • Nutrition
  • Osteopathy
  • Sophrology,
  • Bowen Therapy,
  • Holistic and Sports Massage
  • Homeopathy
  • Emotional Freedom Technique

Consultations – Always confidential & non-judgemental
The journey to wellbeing consultations can be face to face on a short and/or long term basis. Some clients prefer support through ‘Skype’ or telephone consultations. Consultations generally last for one hour.

Where it is appropriate, the Art of Wellbeing always works alongside G.P.s and consultants and is complementary to traditional medicine and is not to be considered an ‘alternative’ to it.

Price Structure
If you would like to know about the price structure please contact us as each package will be tailored to your specific needs.

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